A Blast From The Past

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A stall with some really cool bootleg Sonic dolls I saw at a fair where I grew up.

It's been months again since I wrote anything. I've been trying to get my blog up and now today the offical swap has taken place. Now this page has become a secret blog as I complete my transition to becoming a complete corporate sell-out.

Even I am not immune to peer pressure. I see all of these flashy, professional Substack blogs being linked on HackerNews and I begin to second guess myself: maybe if I took more time to think things through, maybe researched and refined my ideas, that I too could write something of value to someone. Having a slick, full-featured CMS helps with that a whole lot and make my writing look a little more serious. I haven't sold out totally though - I don't have the gall to ask people to pay me a Substack subscription fee to read the tripe I'm serving up.

From now on this is going to be my secondary blog where I just shitpost about things that annoy me write something quickly when I'm feeling like screaming into the void. For the most part, I'm hoping that I can muster up the concentration and brain power needed to write longer, thought-out articles on the main site.

There's been a lot of changes to this site over the past year. What you are seeing now started as a Raspberry Pi server running under my bed and the site was updated via FTP after I downloaded the site and made changes to it with Notepad. I still have a flicker of hope that one day I might see an internet made by the people, a chorus of a million little servers hiding inside bookshelves and old shoe boxes serving web pages created for no other purpose than to share interesting stories. For now though, I've moved my site to the Cloud and try to upkeep a professional looking blog I hope someone might take seriously one day. My focus has changed, but this site will remain up.

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