A Blast From The Past

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Months go by. I do nothing. It's the horror of realizing that I am nothing more than mediocre.

A robot gaining consciousness in a lab in the style of a oil painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

I got my credentials to use the offical DALL-E 2 model and I played with it for an afternoon. I have a lot of pictures to show, but I haven't had to chance to write anything about it yet.

In that regard, I'm planning on trying to write a lot more in the future. I have started a new blog called secret level. This is boring post, I talk about selling out and moving this site to a VPS along with using the Ghost blog CMS like a corporate zombie.

At least to myself, I am able to justify selling out my principles. That's all for now, read more about all of this in the other blog.

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