About m4ra

I am m4ra.

This is my website.

I work mostly in manufacturing but I spend a fair amount of time on the computer solving technical problems and sometimes coding.

I wrote this whole site from scratch. I like sites that have their own look, especially the unpolished kind where you can see that a single person has put the site together with their own vision in mind. At first I hosted this site on my own hardware but like everyone else in the world, I crumbled and entered "the cloud". The idealist in me wants to see the internet decentralized but I like to spend my time on other things than worrying when my hardware is going halt and catch fire.

I'm not all that good at self-promotion and all that. This site is just me screaming into the Void. In the interest of free speech, I actually have an open comments section so you can write to me if you feel like it. I will moderate the comments if they start looking dicey though.

You can get my public PGP key by clicking the key icon if you REALLY want to make sure only I will read your message.

I like solving puzzles.